Practical limits on displaying videos?

What are the practical limits - as far as file sizes - when it comes to displaying a video in a web page?

I took some videos of a holiday party, and am trying to build a modest website so I can share them with the attendees.

All I know about video is converting the originals from .MOV to .MP4 in Lightroom - which is limited in what I can do.

I am looking at my videos, and while most are small (e.g. 2 - 20MB), so are rather larger (e.g.200-500MB)

1.) Are there any practical limitations on video file-sizes that I can successfully display on my website?

2.) And is there anything I can do with HTML/CSS to help make things viewable to my audience?


Assume your audience is working on a potato in the middle of a corn field, 100 miles from civilization.

I can’t answer that, other than it all depends. :unhappy:

I can, though, show you a 118MB 00:07:46 video file for
you to see how it might perform…

If your audience is working on a potato in the middle of
a corn field, 100 miles from civilization, just ensure that
you provide alternative information. :biggrin:


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Exactly, coot :stuck_out_tongue: The reason i say the potato in a corn field thing is that you can’t assume that your visitors all have unlimited bandwidth connections and are streaming through fiber optics.

If your visitor comes from a country with bandwidth-per-month limitations, and you start autoplaying a 500 MB video… what kind of impression are you leaving on them? Even if you didnt start autoplaying it, have you TOLD the user the video in question is large, so that they can decide to view or not? Is the information in your video only in the video? That’ll be difficult on anyone who relies on a Text-to-Speech augment to their web browsing…

Practical limits to displaying videos is mostly about your hosting - if you’re hosting video files, do you have enough space and bandwidth to host and serve that content to X visitors per month?

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That is the coolest video!! Where is that from?? (Other than apparently in Paris and on the BBC…)

I want more videos like that!!! :biggrin:

As far as it playing - yes it played just fine on my wimpy notebook.

I think you missed what I said in my OP…

This is on a VPS. Not sure of how much horsepower it has, but I doubt all 200 people will hit the site at the same time.

To me, I figured a video over 20MB might make someone’s browser choke.

@coothead at least showed me a 118MB video isn’t too much.

I am experimenting on saving these videos at “medium” vs “low” rendering settings.

It looks like most of the videos I took will be okay, but I do have some that are like 10 minutes and might go up to 500-600MB which worries me.

Since I don’t know how to edit video, nor do I have the tools, I might just have to put up the larger files and if people can see them, great, if not, then oh well…

Hi there UpstateLeaf Peeper,

I can give you some information about that video…

“The film is by Claude Lelouch - entitled C’était un rendez-vous - in 1976.
He drove the car. It was not French F1 driver Patrick Gaillard nor was it
US stunt driver Slick Dix. The car is a 450SEL 6.9 Merc 5 speed. It was
filmed with a Rolliflex Andetta Aviator Mk2 Camera fixed on an oil-buffeted
rest tripod to the front of the grill. It is a classic late piece of Cinéma vérité.
Rumour has it that Claude was arrested by the CRS shortly after completion.
The girl is Gunilla Friden.”

I did add the background music - ( Surgeon - Z8_GND_5296 [DTRLP03] ) -
that comes in at 00:00:56.

I do have a copy without the background music - ( 47.7MB ) - if you’re interested. :winky:

Further reading:-

C’était un rendez-vous


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Yes, I am very interested in learning more, and am IM’ing you…

sorry, yes, i had missed that.

Having 'A video over 20 MB" won’t make someone’s browser choke. Your browser downloaded/loaded 5MB of resources to resolve this page :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s more about how its presented to the browser. Present it in a modern player to a modern browser, and it will chunk-load them.

If you’re very concerned, upload them to a site like Youtube or Vimeo, and use their players to handle the streaming of the file to the browser.

Guess I am stuck in the past, or maybe I am thinking about email sizes?

I am going to try and upload some samples to the web tomorrow and see how they play on my computer.

I would have never guess a 20MB video would play so easily. Not sure I will have so much luck with a 300MB video, but we’ll soon see!