Practical FB Business Marketing/ Functional Resource, Tutorial

I’ve searched for videos on how to effectively manage FB pages for business marketing purposes and it seems all I find are drips and drabs

Still new to the game, I’m looking for no-cost recommendations. With the basic setup complete.

I have reviewed much/most on the FB site for getting started, but I’m really not seeing how it all ties together. Maybe its me.

For example, what does it really mean to assign someone an administrator (such as after they ‘like’), subscribing vs liking the page, working lists and groups, the implications of the ‘share’ option, and much more.

I have no compiled list of friends, and so I’m delving into other FB pages, initiating with comments and likes, as my associated website is low in traffic in terms of potentially bringing FB engagements. Though Twitter account activity is beginning to pick up steam.

Aside from the one question in your post I’m not clear about what your actual issue is… Facebook is a large system with many features thus you are far more likely to find posts covering one element while a book would be your best bet for an A-Z overview, albeit probably a dated one.

As for your question… an administrator has complete control over a page, even the power to remove you from it. But only an admin can post as the page thus you must grant that right to anyone managing it.

Liking a page is a complete connection to it, akin to a friend if it was a personal account. Subscribing is a slightly lighter option that originally just existed for personal use and essentially allows a one-way follow but only on public posts. Subscribing to a business page really just changes the relationship so the action isn’t profile public… More on the beta of that here.

Lists are just that, collections of people or pages that you can follow. Lists can be for your use or to collect something others can follow.

The Share button is a variation of the Like button that allows for directly sending a page to someone. For example someone may not want to post about your lingerie line in public but may think it’s relevant to a particular friend.

Share within the Facebook ecosystem allows you to repost what someone else posted attributing them in the process.

(submitted before seeing your reply; hence the edit)

Then I can’t see granting an admin priviledge to someone (public especially) that has just liked my pg. Not entirely sure what “…But only an admin can post as the page…” actually means.

Thanks for your post – which helps me toward gaining an overall grasp of it’s features in practical usage, including which is used for what and how. Have seen quite a few of the dated vids, before the FB update (2011).

Lists - as I understand it, are one popular, effective way of gaining engagements. Even when starting with someone else’s lists.

I think what causes some hessitation on my part is the noticing that some things cannot be removed, once they have been posted.

Well as the name implies it’s an administrator… Not sure why you’d consider that for a “fan”??

As far as post by page, that means posting as the brand your page is for. For example if I am an admin of ACME company and go to ACME company’s facebook page I can post under the ACME name. If I am not an admin my post will show as “Ted S” as I am just a visitor or fan.

[Note: Fan is a carry over from before the term changed to “like” as “liker” just sounds weird.]

I think what causes some hessitation on my part is the noticing that some things cannot be removed, once they have been posted.

In the age of social you really can’t delete something. You may remove your copy or original posting but if it’s newsworthy it’s already been seen, cached and likely screensaved. This is part of the shift of modern business… understanding that you no longer control the conversation or information out there. There is no undo on reputation.

Message received. I get it. But, hinting toward any errors or missteps associated with the learning process…

Don’t get me wrong, there are downsides to this reality and breaks deserved can’t happen. But it is what it is.