Powerpoint on webpage

I need to place a powerpoint presentation inside a web page for the user to use (interactively, check the slides without downloading) what is the best option to do this, do i have to convert it to any format?

Well, to view the PowerPoint file they’ll have to download it in essence to actually view it…

I assume you mean you’d like to embed the Slideshow within a page obviously that can cause issues if the user doesn’t have the correct ‘helper applications /plugins’ and isn’t guaranteed to work. There is another possibility you could convert it to another format like Flash.

Albeit to embed theoretically you would use OBJECT though I am not sure it would work without the correct browser/viewer combo.

You can’t embed a Powerpoint presentation inside a browser an expect it to work - not everyone has Powerpoint or the viewer installed. What you can do is rebuild your presentation from scratch either using Flash (as mentioned above) or you could do it using JavaScript (which is a much more accessible format as screen readers will be able to use it). I’ve enclosed a presentation tool which will do the job you require but be warned - there’s no tool to convert Powerpoint files into HTML that is compatible with this tool. So you’ll need to spend a bit of time within a web editor to make it work for you. :slight_smile: