Power-touch, Apple TouchBar like for any PC using your mobile


It is currently in a very young state, but I am willing to evolve it quite a bit. Please check it out.

It uses express.js to host a server that uses http-auth for authentication and is able to perform keystrokes and run command lines trough the shortcuts. In the future I want to make it able to get feedback from the pc, have context based menus for apps and sub context menus e.g. Blender3D has modelling, but it also has compositing, I want to be able to have a menu for each one.

I know is a long walk to reach that point, but I am willing to drive the technology forward while keeping it open source! So please try it! Also if you have any suggestions feel free to write them in the issues with the tag feature. Don’t forget if you want to implement something, go for it !! Please, I will be more than glad if we build a community around this.

Thank you very much for your time !

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