Pound symbols not showing properly

Hi there,

I am trying to edit some code in a MySQL database.

The problem is with the ‘£’ symbols. They appear as a question mark in a black diamond shape. Previous problems like this were solved by deleting the pasted in text and writing it again. For example when I pasted into MySQL the ’ symbol it had the same problem. When I deleted it and wrote it again it it appeared successfully.

But this rewriting technique does not work with £ symbols. Why is this? the problem code is below:

<div class="style1"><p>Snooper AURA Speed Camera Subscription PLUS Speed Limit updates</p></div>
<div class="richtext3"><p>As well as providing up to the minute speed trap information you will also be able to update the speed limit data on Snooper MY-SPEED as well. To ensure that Snooper MY-SPEED is kept up to date you will have the opportunity to update the speed limit information stored on their device once a year.</p>
<p>1. Monthly £3.99 inc. vat per month</p><p>2. Quarterly £10.49 inc vat every 3 months</p><p>3. Annual £39.99 inc vat every 12 months</p><p>Minimum subscription period 12 months.</p></div>
<div class="style1"><p>What's in the box? (when purchased from ActiveGPS.co.uk)</p></div>

Hope you can help,


Hello Matt,

Special characters like the pound sign, have a specific html entity assigned to them which they required to be wrote as to be shown correctly.
For example the pound’s character entity is & #163;( withouth the space ) or £. So if u replace all the pound signs with either £ or £ they should be shown correctly.

The entities always start with a ‘&’ and end with a ‘;’ with the value in between like ‘#163’ or ‘pound’.

There are quite a few lists that show quite some HTML entity’s summed up, for example:

Not exactly sure why ’ worked correctly when you rewrote it, though some characters like that do just work directly.

It will depend upon your encoding being used and accepted on the servers and what document you copy-and-pasted from I suspect you attempted to paste a curved quote ’ or something rather than a standard ’ symbol.

The ‘replacement character’ � (often a black diamond with a white question mark) a symbol found in the Unicode standard at codepoint U+FFFD in the Specials table.