Pound Symbol is appearing as Black diamond symbol


I have a newsletter which will show the Pound symbol with some amount. It’s a normal HTML file. I have used £ and other instance I have used £. It appears fine as HTML format in Browser window, but it appears as a Black diamond symbol instead of £ symbol in Outlook express when I open that mail.

Can any one suggest me how to Fix this Issue.


This is not really a CSS question but I would guess it depends on what encoding outlook express has been set to. The default I believe in outlook express is Western European (ISO) (View,encoding) but I’m no expert in outlook express.

You can also set the encoding for sending mail in the options menu (international settings). I would suggest trying to send in either western European (ISO) or UTF-8 and see what happens.

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It should always work when you use £, no matter what encoding or settings are in place. It’s only if you type the £ symbol that there could be problems. Are you sure you’re getting the diamond symbol in both cases?

I believe that if you send html emails from outlook express then £ (and #163) is changed to the £ symbol automatically. If I enter it as the above and then go back to edit it the code has been replaced with the “£” symbol. It never gets sent as £. At least that what happens when I test on my old outlook express.

This is about all I could find on the subject.

Good point … I had thought the OP was just testing the mail for recipients using OE, rather than using OE himself.

In which case, there’s a very simple solution. Ditch Outlook Express, which is one of the worst bits of software ever to infect a computer (I’m ranking it below most viruses), and get a decent mail client that pays some vague attention to standards.

lol - that’s one solution I suppose :slight_smile:

I have to agree. I can’t delete OE off my computer because I need it for my work emails, but I never use it except for that. It is a truly awful program. There’s always Mozilla Thunderbird or any number of decent and free email clients.

Agree on your points. But the scenario is different I am not sending mail from my outlook express I am reading mail from my outlook this is a mail which delivers from a site which gives my order summery which I have placed in the site. When I opens that mail in outlook client the pound symbol looks like a black diamond symbol. I have asked developer to include prefix £ or #163 before the amount. They have done in that way but still it renders as junk character.


Then it must be the character encoding settings on the clients outlook as I mentioned before. If I change mine I get garbled characters.