Posting videos - flash, mpeg, avi, wmv

When these video files are posted, and a visitor captures them, is it possible to detect when someone is doing this?

ex: Camtasia is being used for recording the screen live, or any other for that matter.

I doubt it. That would be very intrusive. To some extent you can track what people do in their browsers, but what they do with their other desktop software is another matter altogether, because that has nothing to do with the browser.

I think there is no way to detect what they are doing to your video. As Ralph suggested, you can get his IP, what page he is surfing, OS, browser etc., but this can’t be done and if this is possible there is no privacy using Internet.

I think that’s not possible.I have researched a lot on that.

I highly doubt that’s possible. Why would you want that anyway ? :slight_smile: