Posting to High Page Rank Do Follow Blogs: risky

People say to post to high page rank do follow blogs, in order to get back links to your site. However, I wonder if this strategy may contain some risks. For example many of these blogs have hundreds of spam comments, due to that blog being listed on “high page rank do follow blogs” lists found around the net. If I post a comment on one of these blogs, is there some chance google will penalize that?

To my knowledge Google will not penalise you if your link was posted on a site it considers to be spam. If this were true then we’d all post our competitors links on spam websites until we were the highest ranked pages on our terms.

Also, dofollow blog links may appear on Google, but you have to take into consideration that hundreds of other people will spam the comments to get a link and your return will be cut to the point where the link is worth little.

As far as i am aware you can not be penalized for your in coming links at all.

The only thing is that if your post ends up amongst hundreds of spam comments, then the link value from that post decreases. I’d love to be the only poster / commenter on a series of blogs that have a PR of 5 or more.


Only when you are submitting your website into link farms directories.


Use your brain a bit before commenting in forums. Two things u must need to check, you are commenting in relevant blogs only adding some points, suggestions for the bloggers rather than meaning words such as ‘thanks’,’ I love your post’. Secondly, post in blogs, which contains only few relevant links rather than thousand junk links and are under proper moderation.


Yes he is right. Use those blogs post which has less comments also do relative comments to the post not just one or two words.

In my opinion, if the commenter links on your website aren’t nofollow then the 100% sole reason people are commenting on your stuff is because they want to peddle their crappy links. Deep down, every blogger with nofollow turned off knows that no one really cares about their content, and people will simply skim it and feign interest.

I agree that you should limit your posting to blogs that actually seem to take an interest in their posts and comments, but again, deep down it’s the reason you’re there and the blogger knows it.

I don’t think blog comments work, but if you’re going to pretend to be interested, be very interested and commit to reading the blog and commenting regularly. If it’s of no interest to you then you’re no better than the spammers who flood my Akismet filter on an almost hourly basis.

Blog comments are great and will help out a lot. You can’t control who links to you, so google does’t penalize you for that. The problem with blog comments is people will post 100-200 new comments each day for a new site and that looks very spammy. That is the only reason google will penalize you. If you constantly did 20-40 blog posts each day it would look natural.