Posting on Facebook on another's behalf?

I have a customer who 5,000 people following hist business on Facebook. He wants an app that will allow him to post on behalf of his followers. So say one of his followers, Dan, has given him permission to post on his behalf. Now my customer can post as Dan, but not just Dan, like say 100 or so followers that gave him permission.

Is this possible? Can an app be built that will do that?

Can you explain the process a bit better, as what you are describing sounds unethical at best and at worst, well, let’s not go there.

What business need would someone have to want to take over another persons account and post something from that account?


I know, I tried to explain that to him. Plus the security headache it could cause.

I think he is thinking of how apps on Facebook ask for permission to post on your behalf. Like how you just got a really good score on facebook game, and the game wants to post to your account how great you did. However I don’t think Facebook allows that anymore.

Did you mean that he wants an app that his followers can use to automatically share his posts with their followers?

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