Posting a website shot

Want to use a local weather forecast on my site, and wondered how I go about doing that? i.e. I just want to post the forecast for one day on my site…one image. Hope that makes sense…

If you just want to display an image on your site you can use the img HTML tag:

<img src="link-to-image.jpg" alt="image name" />

Replace what is quotes after “src” with the URL path to your image. The “alt” attribute is the name of the image you’d like to display, while not that mandatory, it’s good SEO practice.

Understand, but how do I save that image from the weather channel?

Use the print screen key on your keyboard, then use some image editing software to crop the image down to the correct size.

Ugh, the print-screen function can put you at the mercy of programs such as MS Paint unless you have a graphics program ready and willing to go.

If you use Firefox, that browser has an extension called Screengrabber that works very nicely for screenshots. If you prefer a standalone program, try Screen Grab (the free version). There are plenty of screen capture programs out there, I don’t want to come across as if I’m hawking a particular program or goodie. :slight_smile:

Of course, unless you have permission from the Weather Channel, taking screen shots from their website and posting them on your own will be illegal.

you’re just jealous that you never learned how to actually use ms paint effectively

it’s one of the best free image apps ever, considering how long it’s been around

and the price


You can get all the glories of the GIMP for the same price. Actually less, since the OS it runs on is also free. See, they’ve been secretly charging you for MS Paint all this time, as “Licensing”.