Postcards: how to use them?

Hi everyone,

What is the best way to use postcards in advertising one’s business ? I don’t know anything about this topic and on Google I only find stuff about how to actually design postcards, but nothing about how they are used in advertising …

Being a graphic designer moreso than a Web Designer I’ve made postcard designs for small businesses over the years, most of whom simply put them up in the local Post Office / shop window. Because they are 300DPI (mine anyway) they can also be used in press advertisements.

Hello ? …

Don’t take this the wrong way… but why on earth would you consider using postcards for advertising a business?

Even if you’re not a technology business I can’t really see a practical use for them apart from as yet more junk mail.

Ok thank you all

I don’t disagree with using postcards, but maybe you should rectify your use in them. A postcard is something that people normally send on holiday, and companies send them during the holiday season to their existing customers, like a “hello, we still exist”, meaning.

If you wish to send postcards maybe you should send them to existing clients during the holiday season, so Christmas and Easter. I would not send a postcard to somebody you don’t know, as it’s likely to be ignored. This would be advertising to existing clients.

Hope this helps.