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Hi need some help on finding the rule, (Please do not post referral links).

Posted about some free security training and included the link to training and looked in the FAQ’s but am not finding the information about not sharing such links.


Bummer but I will not forward such items in the future that I feel need a link.

The problem isn’t that the page contains non-free things on it. Or even that the free mini-courses require registration. The problem is the post had a link with a referral id in it.

There is little doubt in my mind that those free mini-courses would be interesting and helpful to other members.

IMHO if you can start a thread without a link with a referral id in it, you should.

In any case, I’ve sent a PM to the Administrator, so things should be cleared up soon.

Hi Michelle,
Regardless of whether the course is free or not, we don’t allow affiliate links of any sort to be posted.

The link is for the page that includes the free courses, so if free is included on a page with please purchase don’t send the link?

Perhaps you missed this

“Free” is in the eye of the beholder. For example is an offer like:

Register & pay for any … course by May 27, and receive the associated GIAC certification for FREE or take 10% off your tuition fees.

Really Free??

Feel free to link to them, just leave off the affiliate parameter :slight_smile: