Post from connected Twitter accounts are not being viewed as much as other

I am running a Facebook page with about 5500 fans

Up to yesterday I was updating it using Hootsuite and its schedule feature. I was selecting relevant information and schedule them throughout the day. Each publication were viewed between by 700 and 1000 users (except the posts with a picture which were viewed by 200 users, which was pretty strange already)

After months doing it manually twice per day I decided to connect the Twitter account to the Facebook page. As Twitter is being updated automatically and regularly with fresh data coming from our website (the same I was using to manually update the Facebook page) I thought I would save precious time using this feature.

After about a day of working I got a bad surprise: posts are being viewed by much less than 10 users … down from 700.
What did I miss here ? I was surprised that post with an attached picture were seen by much less person (200 instead of 700) but this difference is huge. Why ?

See print screen below.

My Spanish is rusty, but other than they look like advertisements (would that be expected to hold interest in a social context?) I see the symbol below “type” is different. i.e. instead of a “speech bubble” the low count ones are “linked clips”.

If they are attachments then I would guss users want to see content instantly and aren’t bothering to click through.

This Facebook page is for a publication of classified ads, the people who are following us knows that. That said the quality of the post are not the issue because I tried posting a message once fromTwitter and one from Hootsuite both ending up in my Facebook page: the 2nd one went up pretty fast as far views are concerned whereas the 1st one didn’t.

Regarding Hootsuite social media management I have noticed about the features like in Facebook distribution of post they only post the summary and the short URL which means its not taking an interest to the people unlike when you manually post on Facebook you need to upload the great image, put the interesting title and a short description or summary of the content that is far more likely to be clicked by the visitors. Its only my observation because I didn’t try automation of post in my social media accounts management.