Post & comment system

I want to create a post and comment system

So a person can post something and others can comment on it.
But I have no idea how to start on it.


Post person A

Comment on post of A by person B

Post person C

[INDENT]Comment on post of C by person A
Comment on post of C by person D[/INDENT]

(pretty much like facebook, but without the liking and all the fancy stuff)

I mean would it be easier to use 2 tables or 1 table. Plus how to select the right comments for the right posts.

Anyone that can give me a general idea on how to start with this?

for the sake of simplicity (to make it easier to understand), start with two tables

post table contains id, datetimeposted, postedbyuserid, and posttext

comment table contains id, datetimecommented, commentbyuserid, commenttext, and postid

make sense?

It actually does make sense

And thank you for the help, at least now I know how to start on it