Possible to add onScroll to onClick?


I have been trying to bastardize this online tutorial from codrops on “Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions”.

My bastardized version is on this Codepen what I’d like it do is to be able to scroll through the work slides as well as the click through option but I’ve no idea how to add something like an on scroll event to the existing on click or would it be best to try something else completely?


Can include the code if it makes looking at the question easier?

This is too advanced for me but perhaps it would help others if you can explain what you mean by the “scroll through the slides” as all I see is a row of images which when clicked pops up a larger image which then has navigation at the bottom to scroll through the images. I can’t see what else you would want to scroll?

Thanks Paul,

OK, so imagine when you open the work slides up there are no next and previous buttons to go through the slides, and you can only use the mouse wheel up or down to go through the slides one by one. That as well the buttons is what I would like to add to the functionality.

If anyone is still unsure then please check out the http://thepatternlibrary.com/ click the grid icon then scroll up and down through the slide and then click the up and down buttons… that is what i would like to replicate… though like you say it might be a bit to advanced to go from what I have to that?

I have looked at their code but it wouldn’t fit into a Wordpress template which is the end goal.

And I also think that binding a “mousewheel” event might do the trick but I’m not sure how to go about that.

Thanks for looking.

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