Positioning problem

On the page cafepharma.com/newcaf I am attempting to get the banner that appears below the navbar and the google search box to line up horizontally (beside each other) below the navbar. So far I have not been able to accomplish this.

If I “float:left” the banner, it causes the left hand column under the search box to move to the right hand side of the page under the search box.

Thanks for any suggestions.

The page you have mentioned gives a page not found error

I can reach it at www.cafepharma.com/newcaf

Hi, that floating solution will do nicely, however before the left column starts you could place a clearing element like you have in other spots of hte page :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! I added a div before the main content section and then a “clear:both” and that did the trick.

You’re welcome :).