Position Text "Top Right" in one Table cell

I want to position the following text “top right” in a tablecell “from childhood”

I can position it top but it centers horizontally, I can position it right but it centers vertically.

My table is called

What CSS should I use to achieve this. You can view the page at http://www.c5d.co.uk/knottlanes1891ed6.php and the entry is between entries 46 & 47

Thanks for looking


From childhood needs text-align: right like the other one, this should fix horizontal issue.

You can add vertical-align: top; to a table cell, this should fix vertical.

I’m sorry but I just don’t get what you’re sayin.

I have the td classed as description. and this CSS: .table1891 td.description {vertical-align: top; text-align:right;}

The text is currently centred at the top.

I have tried putting a text align right as a P or a Span without success.and splitting the TD description to just vertical-align top) Nothing seems to work


Hi, Antony.

Where do you want the text? Exactly what should it say? What alignment do you need to have applied to the text?


I am going to assume that my guess as shown in the above screenshot is not what you want.

So let me try a test…

Line 4953: I added two inline styles as a test.

<td style="text-align:right;vertical-align:top" class="description" colspan="6">from childhood</td>

This is what it should look like.

If the text is now positioned where you wish it to be, then assgn an additional unique classname to the <td> tag and move those inline styles to your stylesheet and use that new unique classname.

Exactly like this:

.table1891 .description.childhood {

<td class="description childhood" colspan="6">from childhood</td>

I’m sure you can pick a better classname than I picked for this test.

You are missing a close </tr> tag at line 10344.

You do not appear to need these two leading </div></div> tags at the bottom of the page, either.

</div></div><p class="copy">&copy;C5D&ndash;Certificates </p>

Thanks for coming to the rescue once again. It’s perfect.

The only thing is, the enumerator did write “of childhood” !

Kind regards


Good. Thanks for the feedback.

Because of the width of the table, I would like to suggest a small change in the framing of the page, if you are interested.

The change involves adding a div around the content, but not the header nor footer.

Add this CSS class and styles:

.contentwrapper {  
    margin:0 auto;

Then, near the top of the page, add these three “ADD Me” lines:

    </div>  <!-- ADD ME -->
</div>  <!-- ADD ME -->
<!-- END FMP & Ancestry adverts -->
<!--END MERCHANT:merchant name Find My Past from affiliatewindow.com-->
<div class="contentwrapper">    <!-- ADD ME -->
<table class="table1891">

Finally, make the bottom of the page look something like this by the close .contentwrapper </div>

</div> <!-- .contentwrapper -->

<div class="buttonHolder">
    <button style="height:auto!important;min-height:30px; width:auto!important;min-width:200px" onClick="window.location='http://www.c5d.co.uk/kl1891.php'">Return to the 1891 Homepage</button>

<p class="copy">&copy;C5D&ndash;Certificates </p>


(and delete the two </div></div>s from the left of the <p>...</p>)

That will separate the header and footer from the table. I think that’s how we set it up in the beginning, more or less. Makes it easier to scroll horizontally to see the table.

I shall bear this in mind. There are so far about 170 tables on the site with another 50 or so before the whole lot is complete.

Thanks for spotting the missing /tr

As for the divs, if I remove them, the ones opened on ll 18 & 19 remain unclosed

Kind regards


Yes, that’s true if you leave the framing of the tables the way they are now. As you said, it would be a lot of work to change the many that have already been written.

Hope things are going well with you. Your web site represents on heck of a lot of dedicated work. I admire your tenacity.


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