Position/Scale div in relation to background

Hi chaps, one of those how did they do this questions. Im ‘thinking’ about a full image background and positioning a div over specific content within that image. Ive seen this being used on the menu navigation on sagmeisterwalsh(dot)com…The div both moves and scales in relation to its parents div. Has anyone come across a demo/tut on this procedure?

It’s a really bad idea to do that. Better at least to contain content and background to the same element, but even the it,'s not a good idea. If you really need content associated with bg images, you should break up that image into portions that go with each piece of content. But really, it’s not practical to do too much of this on the web.

I wouldn’t consider it being a bad idea, just an absolute pain in the behind to implement it successfully and responsively :slight_smile: …i suppose this is why i was interested in the concept…something that i used to do a lifetime ago with flash…

I’d have to disagree. It doesn’t work if JavaScript is disabled, nor does it work if images are not available, as there’s no alt text. So not something I’d want to rely on for my site navigation.