Position pages to appear static

How can I best position my pages for SEO
Like make,
look like an html page to best position it for SEO?

That IS an HTML page. Google doesn’t care whether the letters “php” are in the URL. It doesn’t matter what produced the site, it’s all HTML. There’s nothing to gain from removing the .php.

If you want to change domain.com/profiles.php?id=1 to something more userfriendly, you really need to enquire in our Apache Configuration forum about mod_rewrite. They even have a couple of important threads at the top of the list that are specifically for mod_rewrite situations.

Dan’s right though, search engines don’t care about how nice the url looks. You may even find that there may be a negative impact from search engines.


SEO is a different question than using profiles with an id. However, I have a client who uses the TITLE field (rather than the ID field of the record) thus his page titles are the links (with a bit of mod_rewrite magic). Is http://wilderness-wally.com what you’re looking for?