Position: fixed; and Windows 7

I just been told that Windows 7 users are having problems with a site I built which includes a fixed secondary nav-box using position: fixed.

It works on all other OSs and browsers. Unfortunately only a small part of it (the nav-box) is appearing at the bottom of the page, I’m not sure what the issue is but wondered if anyone here was aware of any issues like this regards to Windows 7?

I’m not trying to plug anything here as most of you guys aren’t i the UK anyway but it might help if you see the problem for yourself (if you have Windows 7) My problem is that I have everything else but Win 7 (All Mac and Win).

I guess I can’t give the url but if you google grin n wear it, (grin wear - usually does it) you’ll find ‘grin n wear it tattoos’. The issue is found on both the ‘latest news’ and ‘blog’ page.

I built the site when I first started learning HTML/CSS and was, as I am today still learning, so no stick about the messy code please :nono:, knowing the little more that I know today I would have, and will do it very differently in the future.

Any advice regards fixing this issue would be appreciated.

Guess I’ll now have to get hold of a Win7 disk to run through Parallels on my Mac.

Regards, Karl.

There is nothing position:fixed on the site, can you please put it back the way it was?

And also you canp ost the link here if you want :slight_smile:

I hadn’t refreshed the page upon my post, as the post time should be able to indicate :wink:

I’ve just got to to thank you guys for taking the time and apologise too. I’ve just managed to get the manager to view the site through the owner’s (Rabbit) new computer.

The long and the short of it is that he had the magnification turned on for the page on his brand new Windows 7 machine!!! :nono: (IE8)

What a relief, but how embarrassing, I do apologise for for wasting your time guys but at lest it is sorted now! :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

It seems to work in all versions of IE except 6 on Win 7. I’ve tested it on IE6, 7 8 and the preview of 9. position:fixed does not work in IE6, AFAIK (I don’t think I’ve ever had to use position:fixed).

Can you ask what browser they were using? I’d be surprised if it was IE6 on Windows 7.


I din’t realise I post include url’s…

Here goes, www.gnwi.co.uk
gnwi dot co dot uk

Checkout the blog, artists and latest news pages, the navbox is on the right and stays fixed within the viewport even when you scroll…in all browsers except IE in Win 7.

Thanks for looking!

I called my older brother up to check it on Win7 and he says there isn’t a problem with that on that page. Tell your people to clear their cache.
Though my brother might be lying, I asked him to scroll through the page and asked him if anything was scrolling with him, he said there was…so dunno what to tell you :slight_smile:

Thank you for taking the time RyanReese, but as my last post, it was discovered by the manager of the shop that the boss had his new windows 7 machine running IE8 with the page magnification on! :nono:

Anyway, that you once again and my apologies…