Position fix

Since the page at http://form.kr/q/swap/149/ has long main contents, the vertical scroll bar is needed for reading the whole contents.

There are 3 blocks, i.e. left, center, and right on the top.

I like to make it like the follow.

You can try the properties, position: fixed or position: sticky on those elements.

http://form.kr/q/swap/150/ is one of my trials for it, but it seems not to work.

I don’t know which is the centre block unless you mean all those buttons but to fix position the left and right links in place on this page you need this.


Thank you, left and right block is fixed at http://form.kr/q/swap/151/.

Center block is all blocks except main contents.
menu1, menu1 element, menu2, menu2 element, menu3, menu3 element, visitor, notice are center blocks.

if you click black background “x” in the notice, all center blocks will be disappeared.

The page at http://form.kr/q/swap/152/ is one of my trials and it work fine.

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