POS system

Hi, I need some advice and some references…I was asked to build point of sales, my problem is that I have no idea of what are the process and how this will function…I have no problem in writing code my only problem is that I have no idea on POINT OF SALES… I hope someone can give me some pointers…so that I can start it earlier.

Thank you in advance.

You should have ask your client what are their requirements and the process of their sales.

They want me to decide , they want same as in supermarket…my big problem is that I have no experience in pos the flow of it., so I don’t have code to write…if someone can help me the process or the usecase, I’ll greatly appreciated it.

Thank you in advance.

google it and install some trial version pos on your computer first and know about what is pos system after that think about what programming language you want to use to develop pos system etc

I don’t think that’s possible. Your clients should give you a detailed input on what they really want as they know their business and your program should conform with it. But then I guess the best thing to do is to do a research on the flow of POS System in supermarket. No other way.

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