POS / EPOS systems

Im developing an ecommerce app for my clients, really its just a loaded oscommerce but with what the clients need added in and some of the unusefull stuff taken out.

However we have been looking at adding a POS solution because a current client wants to be able to use a handscanner to deduct stock quantities from his website, as he sells them through his store. Also the time writing labels and updating the website is very tiresome, so having it all done automatically will be a bonus.

What I would like to know is has anyone used a POS system and integrated it into their website, if so how?

I know nothing about the POS side of things, how does the scanners work etc, would we need to write a desktop application to collect the info and send it to the website database, or could we use xml maybe?

What are your thoughts/suggestions on how POS systems work etc.


You are not able to combined it with your computer systems, there are other systems for that. I’ve found a site below that sells systems like that.

I am looking for any other sites which may have better deals?