Portfolio re-design wireframe feedback

Hi, I’m new here. I came here because I am seeking feedback for the re-design wireframes for my portfolio website (http://kikidesign.net/). The wireframes are up at https://www.behance.net/wip/954801. I am looking forward to any feedbacks you may have.

Hey there Kristina - would be interested in who you feel your main audiences are likely to be for the new site - what is your main focus for the new IA and design that you’re putting together here?

What is IA?

I am hoping to use my new portfolio website to impress prospective employers to hire me. Therefore, my portfolio works are the main focus for the new portfolio website.

I took that to represent Intended Audience

:slight_smile: sorry - information architecture!

Although intended audience would be nice too…

My suggestion given that is probably that I would pare back some of the graphical elements that you are using in light of the professional audience. I’d tend towards suggesting that the creative you’ve used in some of your mock-ups would suit a personal site nicely but perhaps not a portfolio site (please don’t take that comment in the wrong way, wanting to be helpful rather than sound like I’m being negative!)

By pared back - I’d suggest that a portfolio site generally focuses on readability and function, so characterised by focus on showing off the work effectively (use the whole page if you need to, think of it as an art gallery for your work!), then strong (but ideally not long) copy and use of primary colour (white text on black or greys etc for the sake of readability)

Ultimately all just suggestions, your portfolio obviously needs to show off your personality as a designer as much as your work, so don’t close down your creativity through any of my comments - you just have a balance between the audience you’re speaking to and the form and function of your portfolio to contend with.

This is exactly what I did if you browse through the wireframes from the very beginning to now. Still, I think it can be done, more like ombre from dark purple to white… with just the gallery on purple (with some very faint, subtle stars and aurora borealis) and everything else on white (or very light purple)… The gallery on purple with white borders will help make the artwork pop.

I only want to know if it can also be very professional and yet show my personality. I will post again after I edit my wireframe after all those suggestions in this post.

Hey you all,

I uploaded a new wireframe for my portfolio redesign. Please let me know what you think. Is it a good balance between professional and personality?

I like the layout and the flat colors used in the background of the panels. They provide good separation between the different sections of content. I think the navigation links at the top of the page may be difficult to see for some people though, as the darker colors on a black background is a low contrast. EDIT: I was referring to Wireframe 3, which is my favourite design out of the ones shown

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