Portfolio Navigation Page 2 Error

Can anyone help with my portfolio page… When I click on page 2, I get a 404 error.


Is this a custom wordpress theme? Does it happen with other wordpress themes you try?

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No, it’s not custom. It’s called Yalin theme. No it doesn’t happen with other WP themes I have used.

I would check that this theme is compatible with your version of wordpress.

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Now that you mention it, the theme does use WP Pagenavi plugin which has not been updated since March 2013. And I did start having trouble when I upgraded my site to WP 3.7.1. Is there anything I can do other than wait for the plugin developer to update it?

I would suggest contacting the developer of the plugin. He may be able to provide some initial support with it.

The only other practical option is to try other page navigation plugins from wordpress.org and see if they work.

There are a lot of WP plugins these days, some of them abandoned, and usually its easier to find an alternative that works than to try and fix someone elses plugin.

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Thanks, the plugin was part of the theme, not one I installed myself, so I’m not sure how to switch it out for another navigation plugin. I will try contacting the plugin developer and the theme developer. As a quick fix I was able to modify the portfolio page so it shows 25 items instead of 9, thus eliminating the need for a page 2.

I suspect it has something to do with permalink settings. If you are still on the default permalink structure instead of a named based permalink then they might conceivably be causing conflicts.

Just out of curiousity what does your url look like when you are on page 2?

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Permalinks are set to post name. The URL of page 2 was http://www.uptown-studio.com/portfolio/page/2/ I believe.

Hmmm, that looks a little odd. You could actually try setting it to the first permalink option (just to test). I suspect the theme hasn’t been tested with the latest wordpress and possibly can’t cope with the newer style permalinks. I may be wrong but it night tell us something.

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