Popuptraffic.com is scam?

hello, i have too much problem with popuptraffic,

i sent 5 emails to admin@popuptraffic.com but didnot received reply, this company have 1 email for contact and support…only…lolz
and a big company have not phone number for contact ???

my account runing two days and earning $80 (from 27-28/DEC/2008), but today DEC/29 i see in control panel, total earning 1$, and will not pay for me

i sent email about problem, but this admin not reply.

so, i try remove popup code then post this content,

please help me.i think this company is scam

Clicksor/Yessup is known to have ‘questionable’ practices.

Popuptraffic didn’t pay us years ago when we used them either. Many months went by and thousands of ad revenue was reported in their control panel. However, not one check ever came! Stay far far far far away from these clowns.

PopUpTraffic is a really bad ad network in my personal opinion, they rates are not very good and support center is as you can see. I believe they are not scam, because I heard some people got paid by them.

I highly recommend using an ad network like http://paypopup.com/, but mostly http://adversal.com/ and leaving PopUpTraffic behind.

thanks NowakFilip,

i will try paypopup now

scam for sure, dont waste yout money with these types of sites

most of those websites scam.

It’s not a scam per se, but its integrity is questionable.

There are plenty of such unscrupulous ad networks out there - they are not worth anybody’s business.

There are plenty of ad networks that do things honest and right - stick with those.

heh, you should send that bozo the link to this thread. :slight_smile:

paypopup is scam

As Publishers of paypopup network, you can contact us through email, tickets, phone, and customer live support. Each Publisher Account is assigned with a dedicated Account Manager, which you will be provided with detailed contact information of your Account Manager once you signed up.

All emails and tickets are answered within 48 business hours. We have also posted our contact information and address on our website - paypopup.

Thank you for your support!

PayPopUp/Clicksor Customer Service Team

this company have 1 email for contact and support…only…

Yup, that is all he has.

Oh, wait, he does have a fax number. heh

And I wouldn’t call this site a “company.”

What ‘paypopup’ do?
Is this a trusted site?

Paypopup is a division of YesUp Ecommerce Solutions Inc. Paypopup offers Internet advertising service through Popunder format and we established since 2001. Our website is currently ranking at 171 on Alexa.

If you would like to know more about our services, please feel free to send us an inquiry through our website.

Best regards,

Paypopup/Clicksor Support Team

lol I think they heard enough.

Pay pop up and Clicksor are one family:lol:

heh heh I love how he is using the words “we” and “our.”

popuptrafic is anoyying your visitor,I hate the pop up when they just Pop advertising that I dont need inside the visiting experiences,I think they are not scam I think they just rethinking why they are so tide in oaying cause less and less advertiser.come to use there services