Popups allow all browser without any Restricts

Helo guys,

Once again i need your Help…

i need a script about, Popup allow all browser without any Restrictions (like ie shows the restriction message top of the window)…

Is it Possible???

Thanks in Advance…

Is it Possible???

no :slight_smile:

Hi bhavan,

Please understand that the browser is a client and that too highly configurable. And as far as pop up are concern, mostly they irritates hence most of the browser gives a control to user to tackle it the way user wants it.

The browsers deliberately built in blockers specifically to prevent the ability of web pages to create popups that the browser owner hasn’t requested.

Before that was implemented it was too easy to configure web pages that popped up two new browser windows when you left the web page so that the browser owner would be fighting a losing battle to close their browser because every time they tried they’d add to the problem.