Popup windows with scrolling

in my php project with routing, I need to show a popup window with scroll to show privacy policy but I need to show it without leave the page and bypassing the php routing page without do any GET/POST event and bypass the php routing page.
How I make it? Tanks to all

I am not sure what you are actually asking, but do know that popup windows, scrolling and such are all client-side activities. Meaning with a little javascript you can do all that without ever sending a request back to the server, thus bypassing any server-side routing you have setup.

So if you haven’t already, your first stop to popups should be the MDN article on window.open which is how you typically launch a popup…

Do keep in mind that a lot of browsers block popups by default (since they can be heavily abused). Make sure you have your browser set to enable popups for your development site.

Once you understand how popups work, if you would like to scroll to some specific item, you can check out the Element.scrollIntoView function which you can use to scroll to a specific element.

Look over these links and see if perhaps mixing these two things is what you are after. If not, please clarify what you are looking to do and try to provide a simple example. :slight_smile:

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