Popup speech bubble that displays different text with each rollover

is there a way to create a popup speech bubble that displays different text with each rollover as with the logo on this website: http://theroostergroup.com

i’ve done some research and see tons of tool tip or speech bubble plugins and tutorials but couldn’t find one that displays random text changes within one bubble…


It’s not quite clear what you are asking. Are you talking about a page with several pictures, each of which has its own popup?

The linked example uses Flash, but it’s possible with javascript so I suggest requesting the thread be moved to that forum (click the red flag on your post and send a message to a staff member).

One approach would be to list two or three tooltip scripts that otherwise meet your needs and ask how to modify them to display text randomly. Some may be easier to mod than others, and giving the javascript experts a choice of starting points could make it easier.

when you rollover the logo on the site, a speech bubble with text pops up. Rollout and rollover again, the bubble shows different text. I was wondering if there’s a way of creating the same effect without Flash.

Thanks, will do.

Yes, this is possible. I’ve found a couple of scripts at some of my favorite “copy and paste” Java sites like JavaScript Kit, Hot Scripts and Dynamic Drive. Just search for “rollover popup random text” on Google and you’ll run across quite a few.

Did google search before and just now, not seeing script for the effect I posted regarding. I see ones where rollover of diff areas yields diff popup but not one image/text rollover that generates a popup w different text in the same bubble…