Popup messages in c#


I am developing a window application i want to display some popup message in my window form when a new user login in to the system and also to display a popup message when the new user got some message from the user who already logged.

How can i do this Can Anyone help in this regard.


I am developing a GUI where one member or user in a team can post messages and explains about his problem to the other users.
So the same application will be running on two machines. So one user logged in one system and another in another system same way there are n number of users.So now the user who wants to post the message who are currently logged in .So i already done that part (the users who are already logged in)

so what is my problem when the user log into system i should get some popup messages and also the user(already logged in user) should send some popup notification to the user who logged into the system about the message

So can u please help me in this regard

You can use MessageBox.Show(“Message”); to show popup messages. There are also extra overloads for other options, such as the title, buttons and icon of the popup