Populate select from other select value using jquery is sluggish on IE

We had a problem to populate on drop down list based on another dropdown list. It works perfectly fine and fast on chrome and firefox. The codes where I fill is here locFrom.text(“”); and locFrom.html(options);. Tried even locFrom.append(options) also the same and even tried to disabled the ajax part and tried with some static value same to.Comes to IE it becomes very sluggish and at time hang the whole page. Any solution for it.

$('table.dynatable tbody tr select[name^="client"]').live('change',handleLocationUpdate);

                     function handleLocationUpdate(index)
                           var locFrom = $('select[name^="locationFrom"]', $(this).closest('tr'));
                                type: "POST",
                                url: "postClientEnterpriseGeoFenceList.php",
                                data: "c=" + $(this).val(),
                                success: function(options)
                                {             //options = "<option value='1'>accoutn1</option><option value='2'>accoutn2</option>"
                         alert("Options is : "+options);