Popular Site: After Downtime, Google No Longer Crawling

Hi there,

I noticed that for one of my websites, traffic has been down ~20% from 50% down for search engine traffic from Google. I have Google webmaster tools all set up to analyze this, but don’t understand why the traffic isn’t picking up.

My website has been down for around two days (29th & 30th), and in Google webmaster tools, I see a bunch of errors (70,000+) when googlebot was trying to crawl my pages on those two days only.

Now it’s been a week and the traffic is still not picking up. It looks like Google is no longer crawling my website (see below), do you have any theories why?


Looks like my .htaccess was limiting access. All fixed now. Thanks everyone.

add revisit code to 1 days in meta tags and google will crawl again.

Ah alright. Thanks for the reply Stevie.

I would wait a bit longer - and in the meantime make sure that your site is permanently live. If Google keeps getting error messages when it tries sites/pages, it’s going to lose interest. But equally, it knows that occasionally sites do go offline for short periods, so ratings and traffic should start to pick up again.

Thanks for the quick reply Hyena.

It’s just that my site is a forum with many pages and lots of sites linking in. I’m just curious why Google isn’t finding my site for the past week, when it would usually crawl continuously non-stop.

Do you think waiting will fix this, or do you think something should be changed?

Appreciate the help :).


PS, I do have vBSEO installed.

Check that your website is back on line and try fixing as many of those errors as you can. When you have a period of downtime, or do something major like move your site to another server or another domain, google might get spooked and not crawl you for a while.

Fix as many link errors as you can and keep building backlinks so that when Googlebot returns your site is ready to rock again.