Pop up window length clipped

Hi :slight_smile:
On this page http://www.pauserefreshment.co.uk/ourrange.html there is a link named “Brochure” when clicked on it arrives here -

The problem ive got is that the vertical slider has been knocked which means some monitors will clipp the bottom of the brochure form.

So my question is please how do i ensure its never clipped as the screenshots show, thinking aloud could somehow getting the vertical slider to appear in the apply for a brochure page be a fix?

Any insights welcome :slight_smile:

Thanks blackman, you fixed it :slight_smile:

Thanx blackman I’ll make the corrections tuesday morning and fingers crossed it will work :slight_smile:

On the “Brochure” button, change the javascript to enable the vertical slider because currently you have it disabled.


window.open('http://www.pauserefreshment.co.uk/coffee-machine-brochure-request.html','linkname','height=900, width=500,scrollbars=no')


window.open('http://www.pauserefreshment.co.uk/coffee-machine-brochure-request.html','linkname','height=900, width=500,scrollbars=yes')

Note the last value, “scrollbars=yes” which is the correct value instead of “scrollbars=no” which is wrong. Hiding the scroll bars is a bad idea in every situation :slight_smile: