Poor MTA, rDNS, Exim Config..not blacklisted

Hello, will try and keep this as short and painless as possible.

About two weeks ago our server started getting bounced emails, citing a “poor MTA reputation” as the reason. We are not blacklisted, but our reputation with SenderBase is poor. (http://senderbase.org/senderbase_queries/rep_lookup)

After contacting them, they said the reason was that we were serving websites and sending emails on the same IP address.

I can provide an awful lot of information, but I don’t know WHAT information is needed to diagnose. I have full access to the server files, SSH and WHM.

Sorry I can’t be more helpful at this stage, but also can’t provide an IP (at least not publically). Thanks for any starting advice.


Serving websites and sending e-mails on the same IP address is a ridiculous excuse!

IMHO, the only thing that senderbase should be concerned with is that the id is correct for your EXIM. There is something, STP (?) SPF, that they’re looking at which should return the correct IP address for your domain.



dklynn, I think you mean SPF :slight_smile:

Hi, Sorry for the delayed response.

I agree, it seemed quite unreasonable to demand that. but I recently got this email back from them:

They suggested I should investigate/fix the following:

* rDNS points to a fully qualified domain name (FQDN)
* rDNS points to a domain which matches the HELO FQDN
* rDNS points to a domain which matches the sender domain or
  a domain which matches the parent domain

which leads me to (probably) a noobish question:

from shell ~ ( is my server IP)

$ host

I get back "…“in.addr.arpa domain name name-of-my-server.com

if i then

$ host name-of-my-server.com

I get

which, if my understanding is correct, says the rDNS look up is set up correctly?

Now - my server has perhaps 20 accounts on it. If I do this:

$ host my-domain.co.uk

I get:

address has Server IP
mail is handled by mail.domain.co.uk

If I then

$host mail.domain.co.uk

I get my Server IP.

Does this suggest everything is set up as it should be?

thanks again