Polyfills with Modernizr

Hi there,
Does anyone recommend a good tutorial about polyfills to use in combination with Modernizr. I
need to apply one for one html5 element on a three page portfolio
website. The website has a contact form, a gradient, a shadow and a transform or an
animation. And I can choose one of this elements to apply the polyfill.
I’ve searched online, but the quality seems diverse and not
knowing the topic, I thought I’d better ask here.
Thanks a lot in advance.

If you can be more specific about what you are doing, we could perhaps suggest the best pollyfills for your situation.

It’s not done yet, I’m just exploring where to apply it to. One of the options would be to use it with a placeholder. It’s the first one I’m doing, so the easier will be fine. I will be able to provide more info tomorrow.