Poll: What should our next t-shirt say?

Same here.

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Micro-Optimizing Bytes


“Nothing is working, everything is wrong”

Sitepoint - Where the code meets the ???

Me too… Now I’m green with envy… @Ophelie we need to buy SP T-Shirts so we have to find the right slogan soon :smiley:

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How am I the only one with these t-shirts? I didn’t think the t-shirts were THAT old…

Edit: OK, I found the in code we trust one - it’s from 2010: Official SitePoint T-shirts On Sale At Last!
Edit 2: My guess is the eat sleep code is from 2012, but it’s from pre-conversion and all the attachments are lost :frowning: (@cpradio, you voted in this thread :wink:) : We Need a New Official Community T-Shirt

In honour of @technobear, I think it should say

“Don’t Wake the Technobear!”


I may have voted, but I wasn’t staff at the time of that topic :wink:

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You sure about that? It’s close, but of course since I can’t get to the old forums and we didn’t bring everything across :frowning: , I can’t prove it (I found a MOTM interview you did in November of '12 which means you were certainly staff then)

Hmmm, we seem to have gotten different schwag at different times.

(new camera - and I don’t iron Tees )

front / back


All these stuff is great and those T-Shirts are fanstastic…

But let’s face it… the greatest T-Shirt in the world would read something like "Molona is the best… " or “Nobody whips like Molona does” or something like that

It is only an idea but what a great idea :stuck_out_tongue:


I Code, Therefore It Is


Yep. I had my MOTM August and was added to staff in September. :smile:

And @Mittineague just reminded me I do have a Learnable shirt :wink: As I have that same blue one.

Ask not what code can do for you, but what you can do for code.


“I got a 100 likes on sitepoint and all I got was this lousy T-shirt”


Any chance to set up something like a CafePress shop with various designs? I know of no way to actually buy SP t-shirts online. If there is one, please enlighten me.

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I was - and I don’t have a T-shirt. (Maybe it was a TL thing?)

I have the anatomy of a web developer one. My coworkers loved it :smiley: .

Hmm, we weren’t planning on making them available on Cafe Press (or other), but that might be an idea. I know we tried years ago and it didn’t really get any traction.

How about http://devswag.com/?