Poll: How do you like this image?


Just a quick poll for everyone:

How suitable do you consider the attached image for the homepage of an osteopath / chiropractor website?

it looks great i like it a lot
it represents

Looks like a crime scene investigator examining the remains of a victim.

I mean, it relates, but is that really what I want to see as a visitor? It’s a skeleton. Not appealing, at least to me. I think you want something that gives a sense of security and warmth, not something internal and (in my opinion) disgusting (I’m not a big internal medicine guy - all that stuff makes me squeamish).

While it’s true that images need to relate, it should also make the visitor feel good. Especially in a doctor setting, you want the visitor to feel comfortable, relaxed, and secure. Maybe some warm colors (a light tan) w/ just a smiling model (like, not a scantily-clad model, just a model for a photograph) in a doctor’s suit would do the trick.

Unless you meant that as a picture for an article - then that would depend on the article.


As promotional material, I don’t think it helps. Many people get the willies when they see skeletons.

As an accompaniment to a scientific article/site, it would be appropriate provided that it is actually used as a reference image (ie, has a purpose for being there).

A more appropriate image might be showing someone’s back being tended to or happy smiling faces.