Points/thanking system


just an idea,

i was thinking maybe you can put up some kind of thanking system…where we can thank members who help us in the programming/design sections and each time we thank them they get some points and certain points make them reach different levels until they become a guru or something?

I had this idea myself.
I really want to thank everyone who has helped me,
but I always think that when I post a message only with thank you, then it is a waste.
Firstly, the messages that say thank you could be all removed, a little more free space:p. And you can’t really know when to thank, I mean when the topic is over, and to conclude.
Secondly, it generates some waste mail, in form of “reply to ‘…’”.

And then there is the motivation system, like yahoo answers.
To fight downvoting, I would just remove downvoting
and to fight voting eachother up, I guess you could only give the author of the topic the right to vote.
Maybe not even use points, but something like “thank you”, and the “best helpers” could be chosen by adding the “thank you’s” together.

Well, this is my idea. It isn’t perfect, but I didn’t intend to make it perfect in such time.

Not at all. It’s always nice to be thanked and to know that a solution worked. “Thank you” has served humanity nicely for millennia, and there’s no need to try to modernize it (IMHO).

uh oh … (:

Heh it also means you have to spend some time around here to figure out who knows anything and who just posts a lot : )

Hmm, other forums have such features, but in my experience they get abused—kids voting each other up and voting others down. The ethos here is basically that we all gather to pursue our interest in things web and help each other along the way. A warm thankyou goes a long way. And SitePoint also has awards like the Member of the Month award and the Golden Post which are nice ways to recognize people’s input.