Pointing to another Domain


So my client wants to point a website with
a different domain but the only change in
the code would be a different phone number
in the home page.

So the BIG question is can this be done without
messing with the code?


so its two URL to the same website except one
they will have different phone numbers on the homepage.

Also this is Wordpress site.

im asking can this be done without touching the code.
I am assuming this can be done in Wordpress.

From my understanding, I don’t believe you should have to tamper with the code. I did something similar a few weeks ago and used a simple google search helped me out. The top result worked out pretty well for me! https://www.thesitewizard.com/domain/point-multiple-domains-one-website.shtml - hope this helps


That looks like it would work for sending variant requests like misspelled.com, mispelled.com and spelledright.com to a single IP.

I think what @csosa is looking for is like:
NorthWidgets.comWidgets.com with North phone number displayed
SouthWidgets.comWidgets.com with South phone number displayed

In other words, the goal is to have two almost indentical websites, the difference depending on which domain name was used to reach it.

What I’m not seeing is how to do this without “messing with code”.

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Apologies, think I may have misread the question in trying to give a speedy answer!

Agree that I’m not sure it is possible without changing the code.

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great thanks guys