Point-of-sale (POS) system integration


Just wondering if anyone has had experience and success in integrating POS systems with eCommerce solutions.

The client has a bricks and mortar store and intending to build an ecommerce system. They would like to centralise/unify the management of the physical and virtual stores - i.e. manage the inventory, products, orders, customers via one interface.

What is the best approach? A POS system with eCommerce integration? Or an eCommerce system with POS integration?

So far we’ve only considered hosted eCommerce solutions (e.g. Bigcommerce, Shopify & Volusion). However, I’m not sure if the POS apps / integrations would be adequate. Would a self-hosted eCommerce solution give more options with POS integrations?

Has anyone had success with POS / eCommerce integrations. If so, what was your implementation?



I’ve had great success with a cloud-based POS / Online store implementation called Flagship ([noparse]www.flgshp.com[/noparse]). The product is tailored towards brick and mortar stores making it possible to synchronize physical and virtual inventory as well as automate bookkeeping, process orders and returns, and more. Let me know if you need more help


Thanks for that info snad. I will have a look into it. Do you know if it syncs with Bigcommerce / Shopify? 3rd party connectors (e.g. OneSaas) also acceptable.

Edit: Just had a look - it looks more like an alternative to Bigcommerce and Shopify.


what made me choose Flagship is the POS and online store in one interface. I can sell in-store and online while managing only one inventory (which is way simpler than the Shopify interface I previously used) So basically, it eliminates the need for Shopify or similar solutions. It is basically like Shopify, but with the POS already built in, which makes it best for brick-and-mortar, imho. Plus, it’s more affordable than the others I tried.