Png fix with that .htc file

I’m making a website work locally on my mach. by downloading all files…

figured out .png fix for IE6 is being done with…

there’s a gif referenced therein… I can’t download this img b/c it’s only 1x1 px and when I put absolute path to it in browser it’s so tiny I can’t see it… I put absolute path to it in .htc file but it’s still not working… I can’t create one myself b/c I don’t have Photoshop installed at work (I assume this is a completely transparent image? not 100% sure… I have never done this like this, have only done it with jQuery, which of course is much simpler…:wink:

so I have two questions:

  1. is this an image that contains nothing but transparency? (I guess I can always create it tonight at home…) and
  2. why is this not working if I put absolute path to this tiny img in that .htc file? does it only work with relative path?

thank you…

PS: and can path to this .htc file in css be something like …/js/ ??? (right now, b/c all links in curr site are back-end links, it’s /js/… but of course links like this don’t work in .html based sites you run in just windows… have usu. architecture… css/ dir, js/ dir, and so on…)

Even better, unless you require a pixel perfect rendition, don’t use png hacks.

Having said that, I agree with Scallio that belatedPNG is a much better option than the .htc fix.

While you’re still implementing this: stop, and get DD_BelatedPNG. It’s a lot better (and more modern) than the htc file :slight_smile: