Png 8 or png 24 format image


i would like to know that while slicing my psd design to html i export images as “png8” or “png24”.

I need to have transparent round corner images but they are big images so PNG is the prefered format but which is best and which will load faster.

at present i m using 24bit format but its making file sizes larger.

what format do you use in your html.


If png8 works, I tend to use that. If not transparent, it works in IE6 too, which is handy.

transparent pngs won’t work in IE6 at least because I believe it doesn’t support the alpha channel.

I think you can get around it with javascript but I’ve used a conditional comment to assign a replacement image and I know that works.

For png I generally use 8bit. I do use 24bit when I’m using a color to transparent background.

If IE7+ supports it then it should be less of an issue

What he said. :slight_smile: And IE6 does not support transparency through the alpha channel, requiring fixes such as TwinHelix’s.