Plugin Requires Home Page as Blog

I have a site that has a static home page. You know, where you set it in the reading settings and the blog is put on a page in the site.

I then installed WPBook which is for Facebook integration. It’s very good but I think it doesn’t play well with sites that do not have the home page as the blog.

My site is and I have reverted to using the home page as a blog. The navigation in the site all works OK so once a user starts to use the site I think that it is all fine. I don’t like the way it is but also, I am not too sure how much of a problem it is.

I would appreciate anyone taking a look and telling me if they think this is an acceptable compromise or not. I’m not asking for a fix or advice about the plugin but if I can get some views about this it will help me decide whether to stick with it or try something else.

Thank you


First of all your link doesn’t resolve to your static page, which is one case for not using static content as a blog post. It will become hidden by your other posts and soon be out of sight.

At any rate, I am surprised that the plugin seemed to corrupt your settings. In WP you should be able to set a static page as your home page, if that is what you want to do. Have you considered asking the plugin author about the problem?

From what I read about the plugin, WPBook is made to integrate your blog into your FB account so I don’t see what good a static page would do there anyways.

Thank you for your reply. I think that you have described my concern a little more.

Originally I had a static page (Home) and the posts separated on their own pages (blog and poems). When I use the plugin it doesn’t play so well with the app page on FB. The links don’t work there and the home page was called rather than the posts.

I think this is a limitation with the plugin. So what I had to do was set the home page as the blog in WP. This means the site link goes to a page of posts rather than the home page but The site navigation is as it was.

I’m probably not explaining myself well but my main question is about whether It’s a bigger problem than I think with the way it is now or if it’s an acceptable compromise. I have sought the plugin authors advice but I worries that this particular issues isn’t for them. That’s why I came here.

I don’t know if WPBook will ever address this but it’s a good plugin, and Tge support is good too. In fact, I think the plugin developers are really terrific.

Thanks again