Plugin Recommendations

Hi Everyone,

Looking for a bit of advise.

I need to find WordPress plugin/plugins that does the following with Contact Form 7

Applies a Unique auto incrementing reference number to each form submission
Sends email to the admin of the website
Requires admin approval to add the completed contact form 7 to the Database
Records need to be editable in the backend of the website
Export individual records into a PDF
Customise the PDF with the logo of the business

I have some intermediate knowledge of PHP so I’m happy to extend plugins if need be.

Any help or advise would be awesome.



There isn’t a plugin that modifies Contact Form 7 to meet all you want to do. I would suggest Formidable Forms ( There forms can have almost all the functionality that you require. Yes you’ll have to pay to get the things you need ( but this is really a custom form.

I know that doesn’t really answer your question but I’m afraid there isn’t a solution for it with Contact Form 7.