Plugin for sub-navigation

i am looking for a plugin for wp 2.7 for sub navigation menu

can you help me?

Have you tried the Gecka Submenu plugin? It seems a popular one when googling around. You can also try searching for something like “plugin sub-menu wordpress”. :slight_smile:

Is there any reason why you haven’t updated your WordPress install? WP 2.7 was released in Dec 2008. You’ll find that there are many more plugins available for more recent versions.

Have you tried searching the Wordpress Plugin Database?
If you are looking for some third party plugins then Code Canyon would be another good stop. You will note that in this link the first item which is the most popular is a navigation plugin. It is very good but may require some additional reading of steps to make it compatible with your install.

hi, why your not update your Wp and get more plugin support for it
for navigation I;m always using "page navigation and collapsing category "