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Hi! Recently I started creating my website with a small online store. I create all this on Wordpress and I needed some calculators for my site. The calculator requires different fields, lists, checkboxes, buttons. In addition, I would like to independently add different formulas and display several calculation results. It will be great if from such a calculator it will be possible to send the calculation results to the email specified by me.

Is there any plugins that can do this? Thank!

Hi oviveronielxzxnvbnmd, welcome to the forums!

That was a lot of features looking for in a calculator, perhaps a search at could give some ideas of what calculators could fit your requirements.

Some of the above Wordpress calculators plugins are compared here:

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I thank for the answer and links, but I looked at the plugins in the Wordpress directory and they somehow did not really fit me. Although I will look once more, maybe I missed some. Thanks for the second link, there is a little more information, although the same plugins. So far I have chosen the following plugins:

I will look also the others, maybe any all the same will approach :slight_smile:

Both are great calculators but just a headsup that one hasnt been tested in 3 years. May cause issues long term with functionality.

Just out of interest what is the purpose of the calculator? As there are a couple of premium plugins that may be of interest:


Or are you looking primarily for a free one?

Hope this helps

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No, it does not have to be a free plugin or service, ready to be considered with a paid subscription. Thanks for the links!

No problem I hope they help. The first one is a pretty good plugin from past experience, and quite easy to use IF you use Visual Composer. Else it may be a bit tricky.

The second I have no experience with but know its a popular plugin

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