Plugin errors

Am playing with a WordPress blog and it has a bunch of plugins in. I recently turned on the wordpress show errors flag and am getting these notices all over the place. And they all come from the plugins used in the site.

The site works fine, but am concerned there is a performance hit. So should I try and fix these bugs, cause they are bugs even if the site doesn’t fall over, or should I just ignore them.

As this question was moved from an old post by a moderator I better add more context…

As I said I have recently turned on the WordPress show errors flag, and I am now getting a whole bunch of “Notice: Undefined index” or “Notice: Undefined variable” etc etc.

What I was wondering is should it be a good idea to fix these errors, adding the isset() call around them, or just leave it. I am worried that PHP sending out all these errors is a performance hit to my server.


I think you must think you need to think again if you gonna ignore it, i did it once and it crashed my cache plugin and my site went down. It is easy for you to get rid of those errors, a lot of wordpress forums are currently available :slight_smile: