Plugin causing 404 Error?

Have a real situation I need some advise and assistance with. One of my sites is having a problem getting 404 errors on a daily basis. It’s a wordpress site and a fix I’ve found (temporary) is go re-save my permanent link.

Until I do this the only page I can view is the home page and the rest of my site comes up 404 error.

The permalink setting is a custom structure: /%postname%/39%post_id%/

I’ve read somewhere that it could be a plug-in but I don’t know if that’s is true. How do I test each plug-in
I mean can I deactive each plug-in and some how recreate the problem. Or is it possible to test each deactivation.
Wish I could provide a better way of explaining myself.

I’m probably not providing enough information but if someone can help or need some additional
information please let me know.

If you think it could be a plugin, start deactivating them one by one (possibly starting from the latest added plugin) and see if the problem continues.

I guess you are on Windows hosting. I also experienced it once. You need a web.config file with specific values. It will fix your all issues.

Sometimes “Mod Security” on your server can cause false-positives and break things. Check with your web host about this and have them whitelist specific URL’s if necessary.