Plesk mail forwarding?

hi …anyone knoe plesk…
can how can i do a mail forward?
will be able to receive every email

send and received by


I can’t tell you off hand as I don’t use Plesk, but your web host should be able to tell you. :slight_smile:

Sure, here it is in ruff form:

  1. Go to the mail section (mail icon)
  2. Click on the mail entry
  3. in that section click on “add new mail alias”
  4. add


hi but wat is the difference between adding mail alias and mail group?

mail alias is just one person, just check the plesk manual or help section for more info

i c…so when i use mail alias or mail groups rite…

will the user be able to knoe hat his email will actualli be send to that mail group or mail alias?

let say i setup mail forward for to
will actualli knoes that his email is also being cc to when he is sending or receiving emails?

do you mean when will he know its setup? when you tell him? Bit confused, can you explain a bit more what you mean?

Not sure, might want to try it and test.

What if the boss’s email is on an outside email like ?

These are the steps To Set Up Email Forwarding in Parallels Plesk Panel

  1. Log in to Parallels Plesk Panel as “admin”
  2. Under General, select Domains.
  3. Select the domain you want to forward mail for.
  4. Under Services, select the Mail icon.
  5. Under the Mail tab, select Preferences. The Mail Preferences window displays.
  6. Under Preferences, select Forward to address and enter the email address you want to forward to.
  7. Click OK.

Check the posting dates guys…the latest post was made in 2006. Chances are that this problem was addressed quite some time ago.

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