Plesase help me report a website to Google

One of my competitors is using my name on his website as keywords in hidden text/black hat manner. He uses names of others as hidden text too: “amazing clark, dynamike, hudy, jason abbott, talent network, jason hudy” His website is “” Please help me report this to Google: so they will penalize his site from SEO.

Is there another way this can be reported to search engines so his site will be penalized?

This is the second time I have noticed him doing this.

Invalid link.

Thanks. Does the next link work?

That site is a prime example of keyword stuffing/spammy content. Google will penalise it without having to report it. I would also doubt whether those old black hat tactics work any more.

My guess would be that it isn’t him - Bret Beaudry - “doing it”
but that he has entrusted the SEO (and the design - animated gifs?) to incompetents.

I wouldn’t worry about the site “stealing” any of your traffic. If you do a search for any of the stuffed keywords does the site show in the SERPs?
It didn’t for any that I tried.

A few years ago one of the magicians he has listed called me up to report it. That magician told me he noticed it as he was doing a search for his name. That magician scorned him about it. The thief took it down next.

I was doing a search for my name recently. It lead me to his website. This time I want Google to know about it.

I did a search for one of the key words we are sharing. He website appears at the top of the organic search. That is how I know Google does not have him penalized.

So in what way do you need help? You’ve already linked to the Google page where you can report a site. If you think it should be reported, can’t you just go ahead and do so?

The fact the he shows at the top of the organic search make me think about how your site looks like. The only reason that I can think that he’d be at top would be because of the marketing he does. The site doesn’t have that much content and the design is completely outdated.

It shouldn’t be too hard to beat him if you just had a better site than his

Actually, the site has a lot of concealed Spammy text - black text on black background, moved out of view with positioning. So yes, it’s in breach of Google’s rules on cloaking, etc.

I didn’t see the site near the top, only the “related” sites. eg. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc.

But SERPs show different for everyone so who knows?

I didn’t say it didn’t have it :wink:

But a more modern and clean design and a blog with regular updates should get him out of the top of the search results.

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